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picture of Talbot Lane Church

 This web site is created for the purpose of raising money, by donation or otherwise, to assist with the upkeep of both the fabric and interior of the building known as Talbot Lane Methodist Church.  As church congregations dwindle, it becomes harder and harder for them to cover the costs of upkeep, more so with elderly and unique buildings, sometimes to the extent that the building is closed, and even demolished, a fate that we believe is too much to contemplate for such a fine Grade 2 listed  building


TALBOT LANE METHODIST CHURCH, in the heart of Rotherham, is a Grade 11 Listed Building with an amazing Outreach to the vulnerable and homeless in this town. We have substantial repairs to address if we are to stay open and continue this selfless work. Your donations will help us to move forward with a sense of call to minister love to all those who are vulnerable in our society. We need to have completed approximately £80,000 of work to this beautiful building within the next 18 months. HELP!

Our Congregation is struggling financially to find all the money that we need.  Church members are invited to make their donations via Church funds, gift aided if possible. You will find out more of our fascinating History within the pages of this web site.

If you have a heart for the Poor, an interest in preserving Methodist Heritage, or a drive to see Rotherham town centre improve, then please consider helping us.  Go to   and you are on your way with our grateful thanks.

Kindly share this information with your family and friends.


This website  also serves the function of  a window into the ongoing activities and current and future events held within Talbot Lane Methodist Church


There are pictures of the exterior and interior of the building included in Talbot Lane – the building history page, History of the site and Pictorial tour.  




The building houses an original Harrison & Harrison pipe organ built in 1904, and was first played on the 8th March at a dedication service.



On the Notice Board page, you will find notices about forthcoming events and attractions  arranged by Talbot Lane Church,



We  would welcome any memories or reflections that anyone would like to send us via the contact us page.